You've discovered a great site that can help married couples turn a good (or even ho-hum
or boring) marriage into a GREAT marriage! The emphasis of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a marriage enrichment program, is on communication between husband and wife.  Couples spend a weekend together away from the distractions and the tensions of everyday life, to concentrate on each other. It's not a retreat, nor a marriage clinic, nor group sensitivity. It's a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Christian Marriage. This is a time for you and your spouse to be alone together; to rediscover each other and together focus on your relationship for an entire weekend. Every marriage deserves that kind of attention!

Our Mission
Worldwide Marriage Encounter's Mission of renewal in the Church and change in the world is to assist couples to live fully intimate and responsible relationships by providing them with a Catholic experience and ongoing community support for such a lifestyle.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter of Northeast Kansas

                A Weekend of Discovery . . . A Lifetime of Love